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Film & Wine Collaborations with: Keith Merrill, Joe Tex, Mickey Gilley, Lauren Gilley, Christie Haubegger, Kim Simmons, Rick Harrington, Roberta Shore, Gary Chason, Calvin Murphy, Robert Redford, Henrik Poulsen, Clyde Drexler, Hannah Storm, Eleanor McCollum, Chuck Houston, Jake Messinger, Law Lady Amy Mitchell, Dave Grumme, Brandon Riley, Mayor David Wallace, Tony Walker, Rodney McRae, Mariel Hemingway, Bill Long, Sydney Zucker, Ash Davito, Reggie Roux, Mike Sterling, Ferrell Phelps, StaceyAnn Henry, Roxanne D'Aschenzo, Archie Bell, Monique Walker-Blue, Keva Horry, Betty Verdino, Roger Webb, CraigThomas@LoveLaceFilms, Mayra Leal, Michael Brown Sr, Darla Gonsoulin, Jason James, Councilman Thomas Abraham, Police Chief Doug Brinkley, Channel 2's Paula Galloway, and Sheila Gallien, who has worked on Unfaithful, Cast Away, Jarhead, Apollo 13, and Flags of our Fathers.

Representative and Current Projects:

"Ladder Flips" Adventure Short
"Hill Wars" Action Short
"Cowboy and Indians" Adventure Short
"Red Skirt Librarian" Romantic Comedy Feature
"Ski Patrol" Action Adventure Feature
"Girls Night Out" Dramedy Short
"Warning: Parental Advisory" TV Dramedy
"Trapezoid" Action Adventure Feature
"Houston Olympians" Documentary
"OutWorld" Music Video
"Lebanese Wedding" Romantic Feature
"Ninjapendence" Christian Comedy Short
"What's Ur Problem" Christian Comedy Short
"Honesty" Christian Comedy Short
"Anger" Christian Comedy Short
"Kindness" Christian Comedy Short
"Churhi" Betrayal Romantic Short
"Rising Waters" Faith Based Short
"Requiem" Betrayal Tragedy Short
"Ghazi Band" Pakistan Music Video
"Sameena" Romantic PSA Comedy Short - Login to Facebook, Then View
"Jesus at Gethsemene" Christian Short - Password = sugarcreektv
"Samir" Afghanistan Music Video
"Book Mule" 48 Hour Film Project, Thiller/Suspense Short
"The Beloved Son" San Antonio Christian Film Project, Dramatic Tragedy Short
"Jacob" Writer/Director Larry Carrel, Sound Luke Odom, Horror Feature
"The Preacher's Daughter" Writer/Director Michelle Mower, Sound Luke Odom, Feature Drama TV Movie
"Helen Alone" Writer/Director Henrik Poulsen, Sound Luke Odom, Drama Feature, AMC Dunvale Premiere, Apr 5, 2014.
"The Wolf of Wall Street" Writer Terence Winter, Director Martin Scorsese, Production Assitant Luke Odom, Biography/Comedy/Crime Feature.
"Jason James 2015 Music Video" Director/Editor Gene Odom, Sound Luke Odom, Cinematography Jeff Fountain
"Leaves of the Tree" Writer/Director Ante Novakovic, Sound/Boom Luke Odom, Drama/Family/Mystery Feature.
"Kings Up Trailor" Writer/Producer Gene Odom, Director/Sound Luke Odom, Faith Based Action Drama Feature.

"Kings Up" Faith Based Action Drama Feature - Soon to be released, A beautiful 35 yr old widow inherits a Fishing Camp, in which Texas Hold’Em Poker Games are played in the back room. She faces many challenges while pursuing her goal to win the World Series of Poker. Her Step Son becomes a Hero, when he attempts to save two old fishermen from death in an alligator swamp. Celebration, marriage and death follow. Distraught, she is convinced to attend Church and a new life emerges. . . staring Mika Brooks, with special guests Eddie Bauer & Councilman Tom Abraham.

"Stray Nites" Faith Based Action Drama Feature - A compelling true story of an impoverished African Boy that wants to be a priest, but to earn money for his family, he moves to the US to discover temptations in Beautiful Texas Women where prostitution, drugs and guns terrorize his life and the one woman he loves.

"Out of Wildwood" Author Betty Verdino. Faith Based Drama Feature - An epic period true story, from the civil war to lost plantation crops and a new life in Pecos, Texas, where death continues to abide. Her Church and the bank are very involved in rebuilding her life. A recommended historical read.

"Trapezoid" Action Adventure Feature, filmed in 2004, lost in cyberspace, now recovered. The daughter of a dying famous Archaeologist, who takes over her father’s mission to go on a high action jungle adventure in Mexico, to search for the Gold Aztec Sacrificial Urn.

"Glamorous Sacrifice" Author Keva Horry. A highly recommended read. The movie will be a Faith Based Tragedy Drama Feature - A challenging true story of the Beautiful Wife of NBA Star, Robert Horry. She devoted her life to her special needs child and family, but would a glamorous life pull her from a mothers love and commitments to her family?

"Life After Death of Michael Brown" A Synopsis based on the true Story of the Tragic Death of Michael Brown Jr, Writers: Gene Odom & Tammy Diaz

"H-Town, The Movie" A Screenplay based on the True Story of a Powerful Sports Agent, Writer: Reggie Roux, Writing Consultants: Gene Odom & Tammy Diaz

Shooting locations are in the Sugar Land Area with a 4K Red Epic Camera or 2K Canon 7D.
Volunteers interested in helping on the crew for Movie Making and/or to learn about Film Production,
Please email or call 713-703-2777.

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Gene Odom - Screenwriter, Producer, Camera, Final Cut Editor, Teacher, Board Chairman
Luke Odom - Director, Actor, Scoring, Production Sound Design, Teacher, Board
Vince Belibi - Audio Conference Technician, Web Designer, Effects, Board
Jeff Fountain - Red Epic Cinematographer, Lighting, Teacher
Jake Messinger - Producer, Vocal Coach, Actor, Teacher, Board
Tammy Taz Diaz - Screenwriter, Vocal Coach, Teacher, Board
Melinda Ledman - Screenwriter Consultant, Teacher
Nathan Porter - Grip, Shiny Boards, Gaffer, Actor, Teacher, Board
Cathy Odom - Art Director, Script Supervisor, PA, Actor, Teacher, Board
Mike Thorpe - Assist Sound Mixing, Boom, Web Designer, Grip, Actor

Behind The Scenes Photos

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