Drive More Qualified Consumers to Your Retail Locations.

Win the key moments that will create incremental growth in the form of door swings, website visits, calls, and direction request.

Help Local Consumers Find your Locations

Retail is far from dead, but in order to make sure you are not part of the record number of store closings you need to adapt, you need to talk to prospective consumers at the right time and with the right message. For many categories local search is critical to success, this is particularly true to service based businesses (like plumbers, HVAC, cleaners, etc) , those with a high average-order-value, those where you are rarely in-market, or those that are situationally urgent (like windshield replacement, cell phone repair, and fire/water home restoration). Like with most prospects, it all begins with a search online, for businesses that meet the criteria above local businesses flourish, but for you to take advantage of this you need to be where your consumers are looking for you, and that means above the fold (top 3) on Google My Business, aka Google Maps. Many of these categories have low brand affinity, and due to the consumer journey and infrequency of purchase, channels like paid social convert very poorly, PPC can work well, but it’s a constant pay to play model, the second you stop paying your prospect pipeline dries up. The solution we’ve developed offers tremendous ROI, with the majority of our clients recovering the initial investment within 6 months of completion.

Our Solution is Unique

What we’ve developed lives at the intersection of Google My Business Optimization and SEO. We craft a plan to treat every one of your locations, whether that’s 5 or 5,500, as its own local business, with regional nuance. Our solution scales incredibly well, and will create an enormous increase in market share, which translates to increased revenue. This is for category terms, not just brand terms, so you will reach a new audience, not just those already looking for you. We optimize your GMB location listings, as well as apply white-hat SEO in concert to your website and GMB profiles. We also build a hedge to protect your investment, so when you are at the top of the results, you stay there. Our average project runs 6 months, when you have a lot of locations, over 500, it increases the timeline to 9 month. Contact us and we can review your organization and discuss a path to growth.

Google My Business Management

Google My Business, sometimes referred to as GMB is the platform Google has created to manage a businesses location page, in other words, it’s the platform you use to manage your Google Maps listing for your business, including your business information, such as name, address, phone number, website, hours, and photos. It’s also where a business owner or administrator would manage/respond to reviews from a consumer, respond to questions they ask, add posts, and update special hours around holiday’s.